Sworn interpreter and translator for German

Have you imported a car from Germany and need a translation of the vehicle registration documents? Are you applying for work abroad and need translations of your diploma or certificates? The person who can help you is a sworn translator. Our office employs competent and experienced sworn translators for the German language who will support you in all situations where a professional translation is required. 

The translations made by a sworn translator differ from simple translations in several aspects. Firstly, only people who have passed the state examination and have received the relevant approval from the Minister of Justice are authorized to produce sworn translations. Secondly, a sworn translator assumes legal responsibility for the work performed, and if he does not fulfill his obligations, he may be subject to penalties. Our employees meet these criteria and offer you professional or technical translation services from German at the highest level. According to the Polish law, customers also have the right to claim compensation for damages caused by errors made by a sworn translator. For this reason, the price list for certified translations takes into account the responsibility of the translator, which in practice means that customers have to expect higher prices.

Specialist translations, technical and certified translations from German

Our translation office is characterized by its expertise in translating specialist texts from German in the areas of business, medicine and pharmacy, telecommunications, law, logistics, IT, advertising and marketing, mechanics and mechanical engineering and many others. With our help, you can quickly and easily translate vehicle registration documents or operating instructions for devices purchased abroad. The costs for a certified translation from German include proofreading by a native speaker. The billing unit accepted by our translation agency is 1,125 characters with spaces. The target text is calculated (after translation). The sworn German translators who work with our office have an extensive portfolio of completed orders. We are aware that a client who does not speak the language into which he needs to translate a particular text places a lot of trust in the translator. We guarantee that every translation is carried out by a person with knowledge in a specific field.

Are you interested in our services? Would you like to know the exact cost of a certified translation from German or another language? Send us an inquiry using the on-line form and we will send you an individual offer for you within 30 minutes! The prices for certified translations depend on the number of characters, the subject of the text, its level of difficulty and the expected deadline for order fulfillment. As one of the few translation agencies in Poland, we do not charge fees for repetitive texts and do not charge additional costs for express translations! In addition, the services of our sworn German translator can also be used on-line. So you don’t have to leave the house and come to us personally. All the correspondence related to the order and its execution will be carried out by email. Come visit us and find out what else we can do for you!

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