Professional interpreting services

In addition to translations, our translation agency also offers specialized interpreting services.

We have experienced interpreters specialized in various industries such as law, marketing, construction, advertising, energy, IT, politics and many others. We offer interpreting services throughout Poland and Europe.

We provide simultaneous and consecutive interpreting for all types of conferences, congresses, seminars, training courses, foreign trips, business meetings, business negotiations and legal proceedings, etc.

Simultaneous interpreting

One type of interpreting is simultaneous interpreting, i.e. parallel interpreting. The interpreter listens to the statement and simultaneously translates it into the target language. This type of translation is usually carried out in a soundproof booth by two interpreters who work alternately. The interpreting is most often used at conferences and congresses.

In addition to cabin interpreting, the simultaneous interpreting also includes so-called whispered translations, which do not require any special equipment. The interpreter translates statements in a quiet voice for several people, usually 1 or 2 conference participants.

Consecutive interpreting

The second type of interpreting is the so-called follow-up translation. In this case, the interpretation takes place after the end of the statement. During the speech, the interpreter takes notes and later translates into the target language on this basis.

The consecutive interpreting is most often used in training courses, seminars and conferences of various types.

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