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Written translations

Translation in all european languages is our speciality. It includes both sworn translation, and normal translation, without authentication by a sworn translator, e.g.: technical translation, specialistic translation, website translation, etc. Thanks to our experience, modern tools and professional translators team we are able to translate about 1200 pages per month. All translations are prepared by highly qualified and experienced translators with knowledge of the concrete sector. The translations are then checked by the second translator, mostly by native speaker.

The unit of standard translation is standard page of 1800 characters with spaces (i.e. letters, numbers, punctuation marks, hyphens, etc.), taking into account spaces between them.

One of our main translation service offered are technical translations and specialistic translations (e.g. legal translations, medical translations). Our translators have long experience in the following branches:

  • law
  • economics
  • medicine
  • finance
  • advertisement and marketing
  • transport
  • logistics
  • telecommunication
  • energetics
  • environmental protection
  • IT
  • insurance
  • banking
  • accounting
  • and many other.

Technical translation is a more detailed type of specialist translation and concerns technological subjects, where practical use of scientific and technical information is obligatory. Technical translation requires not only knowledge of the typical terminology, but also specific knowledge in the particular field.

Our translation agency uses modern CAT tools (Computer Aided Translation) in the process of technical translation. These are specialised programmes designed to streamline the translation, speed up the process and ensure best consistency of terminology in the translated documents.

We offer following translation services:

  • website translation
  • translation of certificates
  • translation of project documentation
  • translation of business correspondence
  • translation of business agreements
  • translation of catalogues
  • translation of regulations
  • translation of tender documents
  • translation of instruction manual
  • translation of technical drawings
  • creating of terminology database and directionary

We also provide clients with certified translation services. are prepared by translators known as sworn translators. Sworn translator becomes licensed by passing a state exam. Sworn translations are prepared mostly for personal documents, such as passports, birth certificate, driving licence, marriage certificate and academic degrees, so documents which require legal validity. In case of certified translations all elements of the document, so the text and the other elements, for example the letterhead, official stamps and any notes made by hand, have to be translated.

When it comes to certified translation, the confidentiality is of the utmost importance. Our translation agency has strict procedures in order to guarantee our clients, that the documents and data entrusted to us are secure. All of our translators are required to sign the non-disclosure agreement.

One standard page of certified translation consists of 1125 characters plus spaces. Each commenced page is counted as a next full page.


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